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Name: Amanda
Body type: Average
Hair color: Brunette
Pussy hair: Landing Strip
Ethnicity: Latina
Ass: Medium Ass
Tit type: Natural
Pussy type: Outie
Tit size: Small Tits 本文,来自.娱乐圈 Summary
 is found enjoying the sun and the sand down in Brazil. She is proof that Brazil has the hottest, sexiest and most slamming chicks in the world. s Brazilian heritage gives her the sexiest tan skin that glows in the sun. She has an ass that pops out of her tiny bikini that got our guys' attention right away. When she turned around we got to see her sexy smile, fit body and small, perfect breasts. gorgeous at the beach but ten times hotter when you see her in the bedroom. Check that out on our new My Life In Brazil!  本,文 .出.处http://w'ww.dy86,com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Video Title: Found Some hot ass looking for Tony
Added: October 22, 2009
Rating: 8.38 (104 votes)
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Tags: 18+ Teens Hardcore Handjob Facial Cumshot Small Tits Natural Tits Brunette Latina AmateurI just got to Brazil for the first time, lured by tales of hot asses and loose women but unfortunately I couldn't find Tony. He had made the trip a few times before, making him the man with the plan. When I arrived and had to cab it to the beach house I got a little nervous. Two days later, I found a note on the floor that said "went to beach bar, getting fucked up, fucking bitches, see you there." So I figured I might as well brave it out to the beach and find my bro. With camera in hand, I found a beach bar (and a tasty coconut) but there was no Tony. Not knowing a lick of prot�g�es I start asking around if anybody has seen a short white guy around. That's when I met her. Amanda was at the beach with her boyfriend, splashing around in the water. When I approached her with my cam for some shots her boyfriend didn't like it much but he lightened up after I said "Miami" and "photo" and showed off my pro cam. I took them back to the beach house for some pics and party and all was going well. Her tits were out, her ass was bare and I thought I was going to get some good old-fashioned couple footage when the guy lost his wood unbelievably in front of this hot mama, So he took off ashamed and I - not much for shooting pov scenes - was about to put down the cam and let her have it when Tony cam in to save the day with a hard cock and a classic bust in this girls face. Thanks Tony .....Dick 
    Video Title: Dune Booties
Added: November 19, 2009
Rating: 8.22 (42 votes)
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Models in update: Malli Abdallah
Tags: 18+ Teens Big Ass Threesome Hardcore Brunette Facial Cumshot Blowjob Natural Tits LatinaAmateurMan, the things we do for pussy when we're in Brazil... So I get a call from a girl who sounds pretty fucking hot. And she actually speaks a bit of ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! It turns out that it's  best friend, a sexy little thing named Malli. Anyway, they're stuck out in the desert and need us to go there to help them jump start this dune buggie. Once we get there I see this beautiful sexy thing (Malli) who all of a sudden doesn't speak a lick of english anymore?? I don't really care though, because this girl is so fucking cute! You guys can guess what happens next. Tony (fucking dick) starts making out with , Malli decides to join in and I'm stuck again, just filming, getting no action... It was worth watching though. I hope you guys enjoy watching, too.